We are a group of keen trout and salmon fishermen who have fished the Don in the vale of Alford since the mid 1950’s. Our aim is to increase the profile and knowledge of the river.

We hope that over the years this website will make it easier for those who are new to the River Don to get a ‘feel’ for the river and its fishing.

  • River Don Fishing conditions in 2018

    Water levels held up well in 2018 although there was no significant rain between the beginning of May and the end of September

    There were very few salmon in the Don river system until mid – October. However the trout fishing , particularly in the middle river , was much improved.

    The photographs show the Don and Benachie from the suspension bridge at Castle Forbes below Alford ,and the river upstream of Keig Bridge looking towards the Upper Auchreddachie pool.

    The brace of trout weighing 4lbs and nearly 3lbs were caught by another fisherman on 26th September in a few hours of each other in the Upper and Lower Auchreddachies.

  • River Don Fishing conditions in 2017

    The photograph below shows John Walker casting for a rising trout at Kildrummy on 18th May 2017.

    This fish of around 3lbs was caught and returned on the following day by Dr Martyn Rix. The river was low and clear and very few trout were rising all that week.

  • River Don Fishing conditions in June 2016

    The water level has held up quite well, despite little rain in May and early June as the photographs below show.

    The first eight photographs show the excellent double glazed hut and several of the pools at Kildrummy, and the last five show the Don at Littlewood, upstream of the Bridge of Alford.

    Very few salmon are showing upstream of Kemnay, but Dr Martyn Rix caught [ and returned ] a fresh 6lb fish at Castle Forbes, on trout tackle under a clear blue sky, showing that the Don can sometimes surprise you!

    There were plenty of 2lb to 4lb trout at Kildrummy [ see 3lb trout shown below ] , some at Littlewood, and a few at Castle Forbes.

  • River Don Fishing conditions in summer and autumn 2013

    As the photographs below illustrate, water levels in September 2013 were low, and there seem to be very few salmon [ or rising trout ] in the river around Alford.

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