Congratulations on discovering our bespoke maps website of UK rivers. Please feel free to browse our website and if you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us. We currently have maps for sale of The River Don Aberdeenshire Scotland and The River Thames London.

Our company creates unique maps of the most renowned rivers in the United Kingdom. For centuries rivers across the UK have been used for transport, recreation and sanitation. Rivers have played a central part in the growth of the UK from being a source of fresh water to playing an important part in the industrialisation of the recent past.

River maps have been drawn for hundreds of years and are used in a variety of different ways including being used as a navigation tool, to assisting fishermen in their quest to catch fish and are more often used today as decorative prints.

The River Maps Team

How the maps are made

Our aim was to bring the river map up to the 21st century. We achieve this by including a number of photographs within our maps.

Our first aim it to decide what area to include in our maps. For some rivers it makes sense to cover the whole river but for others we pick one part of the river to focus on.

The next step is to take pictures to put into our maps; members of our team take the vast majority of our pictures and this ensures that we obtain the highest quality pictures that are unique to our maps. We take hundreds of pictures before deciding which to include. We look to include the best views, most important landmarks and significant bridges.

Our team includes a photographer with qualifications from the Royal Photographic Society, with over 50 years photographic experience.

We work with the team at Iolaire to bring our maps to print. They have a wealth of graphic design experience, and produce the high quality prints that we desire.

We then offer them direct to you to cut out the middleman, and ensure a competitive price. We hope you enjoy your map, and please leave us feedback to help us improve our maps.